Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chicago Style Pan Pizza

2 1/3 cups flour
½ t. salt
1 pkg. instant yeast
2 T. olive oil
2 t. sugar
¾ cup milk, warm to 120 degrees

Once all ingredients are incorporated increase mixer to med./low
And kneed for 5 min.
Place in oiled bowl, cover with plastic and put in oven that has been heated to 200 degrees and turned off. Allow to rise 30 min.


1 T. olive oil and 2 cloves garlic in cold pan. Heat for a couple of mins. And add 14 oz can crushed tomatoes. Salt and pepper and simmer about 20 min. (allow to reduce)


Divide dough in half. Roll into 7 inch circle and then drape over knuckles and stretch to about 9 ½ inch. Leave edges a bit thicker. Place in 9 inch cake pan (not spring form) that has 3 T. olive oil in bottom. Cover and allow to rest about 10 min. Top with ½ the sauce and 1 ½ cups mozz.  Bake bottom rack of 400 degree oven 25 min.

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