Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Crown And The Manger

Lory and I have a few traditions. 

Christmas Cookies
Margarita Fridays
and Christmas Blogs.
 Some may be more God honoring than others 
but I believe God blesses them all. 
After all, he joined the two of us at the hip. 
Further proving God likes a good time.
But I digress.

It's time for our Christmas 

We shall see. 
Generally Lory and I have but the 
faintest of an idea of what our over-riding 
connection will be for the year.
Then we sit back and see where 
God takes it any given day.

This year I am challenging us to try to tie the 
Advent story
to the Easter story.

I love Christmas and the hope and promise
of that tiny baby sent to save us.
But every year I also try to remember 
what cost that precious child
will pay for my salvation.

Let's see where God takes us this year.