Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 9

I am so thankful we found this place. 

Mom and Big had been living in a great townhouse.
Mom was schlepping bags of salt to the basement, 
shoveling the front walk,
dragging laundry up and down two flights of stairs
and is not great at asking for help.

It's hard for Big to get around and so if she didn't
want to go out in the rain and the snow
mom would be her only source of entertainment. 
My aunt is one of the most content people in the world
and so was perfectly happy with that.
I, however, will be working on contentment next month. 
I wanted Big around people. 

Enter Carriage Oaks. 
And God. 
It was totally one of those God things.
Moving is stressful. 
Would they be willing to move?
Would the townhouse sell?
Would they like it there?

These two have nothing but wonderful things to say
about Carriage Oaks, the people who work there and the
people who live there. 
I once asked Big, "can't you think of anything negative?"
She thought a bit and said, 
"well, we can't seem to regulate the thermostat." 

As for my contentment level, 
I am beyond words content that I can drive past their
place on any of my million errands in a day and
look up to that 3rd floor window, see
the lights on and know that all is right
with the world. 
Or at least our little corner of it. 

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