Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 22

I'm starting to wonder who's bright idea it was to 
choose October for this little endeavor and not say,

It's not that I can't come up with 31 things to be thankful for, 
I just don't know if I have the writing aptitude
to expound on all of them. 

Can I just be thankful to be here?
That was the pat response at the dinner table 
when one of us was just feeling too worn 
out by the day to even think. 
We really made a point to eat dinner as a family
when the kids were growing up. 
Mike would say grace and then one year Shanna 
had this great idea that we should each
say one thing we were grateful for that day.
It stuck. 
We still do it. 

This makes me think about something else we did
when the kids were little. 
Dishes by hand. 
We chose not to have a dishwasher. 
The kids would clear the table and Mike and I 
would do the dishes together. 
It was actually a nice relaxed time together. 
We still do it.

I think back, about how we raised our kids. 
We didn't have a grand plan or really even a clue.
We just loved our little family and God
saw us through all the stuff we got wrong. 
We thanked God for His grace back then. 
We still do it. 


  1. Love to read you!

    And this remind me what we used to do just before starting eating dinner: eveyone should say the best and the worst thing that happened during the day! Do you remember that?!
    I had the most wonderfull time with you, guys! :)