Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Like To Put Thing On Maddie's Head.

 It started early.
And sometimes is very cute.

I have 28 plus photos of Maddie with things
on her head.
Too many for one post so I'll put
them up now and again.
Just for your viewing pleasure :)
You're welcome.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Tarts My Way

Big Mary is really gonna think I
closed up shop!

Well I didn't.
Maybe a vacation?
A sabbatical?
A dry spell?

Whatever the cause, I have
been taking pictures of my food 
and anything that strikes my fancy
(mostly pictures of Maddie)
in the assumption I would get back to this
one day.

So here you go, let's start back up 
with a fun one!

My Facebook friend, Maggie,
is a cook/baker extraordinaire
she blogs about her food everyday, 
and multiple dishes everyday.
 I have made a few of her creations.
The cream horns are hers.
Actually, now that I think about it, 
she made the puff pastry. 
I bought frozen. 
A theme will develop here. 

A couple of weeks ago she made 
chocolate coconut tarts.
I love Mounds bars and this sounded 
like a glamed up version of them so I was all in.


My first stumbling block was the 
4 inch pie/tart pans.
18 of them.
I overcame that with these:
Those are paper cups for cupcakes but they are a bit 
wider and shallower. 
Got the shells all made.

Then for the chocolate filling.
It's egg yolks, half and half, heavy cream
and chocolate.
It demands LOTS of stirring.
And LOTS of attention. 
And, it would appear, 
strict temperature control. 
 One should NOT pour hot melted chocolate into
a custard base.
In case you can't tell, that's what ruined looks like. 
All lumpy and oily and separated. 

But, a search of my cabinets turned up some 
instant pudding and pie filling. 

I'm sure Maggie's are way better but these are done
and pretty god in their own right. 

Hey, and the fact that they look like sunflowers
was an unexpected added bonus!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Always on the lookout
for projects to keep 
one Ava busy, 
I happened across this one on 
I gathered all the supplies,
pre-washed the t-shirts
and stashed it all for a 
rainy day. 
Or spring break as it turns out.
It's hard to tell from this photo but you use
the Elmer's Gel glue.
It's washable, very important. 
You just make a design on a pre-washed 
t-shirt and let it dry.
Then you water down some 
acrylic artist paints. 
And I mean 
Watered Down!
We really started to get the right
consistency towards the bottom of the 
shirt on the left.

After the paint dries you soak it in 
warm water to wash off the glue and then
toss it in the dryer to heat set the paint.
That kept her busy for oh, 
about 1/2 hour!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Patitsio (ish)

It's a good Saturday morning 
that I can watch a little 
Food Network and 
get a new recipe to try for dinner
Saturday night.

It's an even better Saturday night
when I can call the fam and 
have a crowd to help eat
said dinner.
The only problem 
is I wind up with food pictures 
that look like this.

Um, it was good. 

It's a Giada recipe
(of course). 
She had me when I heard her say 
cinnamon and allspice.
Lamb helped too. 
I first tried those spices
 in a savory recipe when I tried
Cincinnati chili.
You also find what we consider
sweet spices in savory dishes in
 Indian cuisine.
I like that too. 

I was a little worried about the mint
in it since Mike only thinks mint is
appropriate in toothpaste
so I went a little light on it
and it was just fine.
The other point I'll note is that
this is not one of those 
casseroles that are better the next day. 
The noodles soak up all the
sauciness and it gets a bit dry.

I call this Patitsio-ish because the reviews
say it is not really legit.
That's OK, 
I'm not either :).

Thursday, April 4, 2013


So, when
and the
are messing with your mind
what's the best medicine?
Making it, that is.
 As my previous post will prove, 
my head has been in pretty deeps waters lately.

Today I decided it was time to get the funk out!
I love to make soup. 
It's one of my favorites. 
Today I pulled my three favorites, 
sweet potato, 
and asparagus. 

I decided to change things up a bit by roasting all the vegetables.
So delicious!
I also threw a bit of white wine in all of them.
The sweet potato was the only one that called for it, 
but hey, what could it hurt?
Turns out, nothing!
I also put some red pepper flakes and fresh
thyme in the tomato soup. 
Pretty, huh?

Here are the links:


And then I took a long walk and started
thinking all over again.
Hence the previous post.

Spiritual Warfare.

I have had some going on inside me for the past
couple of weeks.
This started it

It's the sign adopted by those who support
gay marriage.
I think. 
I think I don't understand them 
about as much as they don't 
understand me.
And I don't mean gay people. 
I mean the activists.

I think what they want is to have a
legally and societally 
recognized union.
I think that's a good idea.
We all live under a set of rules that
man has made and within
those rules
people should have equal rights.

What messes me up 
is when they want to take a 
God rule
and mess with it.

I absolutely believe that God
loves ALL of us and not one
group of us is better than an other.
But God established marriage
to be a commitment between
a man,
a woman.

You're not going to convince me that 
God is OK with
homosexual activity. 
Just like I'm not gonna be able to convince myself
that he has no problem with
gluttony,vanity or gossip.
He has no hierarchy of sin.
Just a list. 
Even a top ten.

God loves the homosexual
just like He loves 
this fat vain chick who talks too much.