Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 21

The freedom, opportunity and ability to study God's word.

I have been a part of a women's bible
study group for close to ten years. 
You'd think I'd have it all down pat by now.
It seems I have to keep learning the a lot of the same lessons.
I think, hope, pray that some of it is sinking in.

Looking back at all my study guides, 
a few of them stand out as really having impacted my attitude.

Experiencing God
by Henry Blackaby
taught me to be aware of the spiritual markers in my life and 
to refer back to them when I feel at a loss.

Vision of His Glory
by Ann Graham Lotz
taught me to look at Revelation as instruction
on how to live today rather than live in fear of the future.

by Priscilla Shirer
taught me that interruptions in life can challenge
me to grow or drive me to ruin.

Embracing Forgiveness
by Luci Swindoll
taught me that to fully accept the grace of forgiveness
offered to me through Jesus Christ I must be willing to forgive.

And the study I am in the middle of right now, 
Lord, Change My Attitude
by James MacDonald
is teaching me to be aware of my attitudes. 
While it may just be human nature to revert to 
some negative attitudes, it is my choice to stay there
or to change them. 

There is a committee of ladies who
choose our studies each year. 
A thank you for them too :o)

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