Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 23

The joy of cooking. 
The act of it, not the book. 
Well, but nothing against the book. 
I'm just not going there with this.

You know how sometimes you can get sucked into a
negative attitude and at some point you step 
back and say, wait a minute!?
Well, that's what happened to me. 
I had been going along with the party line that cooking
was a chore. Just another thing on a mother's "to-do" list.

And then something clicked. 
Perhaps the remote, clicking on Food Network.
But I gave myself permission to not only
like cooking but to find joy in it. 
I am blessed with a husband who will try anything. 
Well, except cooked spinach and artichokes.
But otherwise a very willing guinea pig. 
Er, participant!

I have also found the joy is in the activity and 
seeing people enjoy what I have made.
I don't actually have to eat it myself!
Good thing!

Well, now that we are down to two here I have found some rather
creative outlets for my creations.
I send all the baked goods to Mike's work.
I invite my sister and brother-in-law over.
I take things to Mom and Big.
I host parties.
I am part of my church's meal ministry.

Speaking of which, I was introduced to a really
cool website when I stayed with Indra while 
she recuperated from surgeries.
Take Them A Meal.
Someone organizes it and the recipient lets
them know what days they need meals and any food restrictions.
Then people can log on and sign up to take them a meal.
Food providers get reminders and the recipient
gets updates on who is bringing what when.
It was wonderful.
My church has started employing this method and 
I love it. 

So not only am I thankful for the joy of cooking.
I am also thankful for willing stomachs :o)

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