Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 10

Pina Coladas.

Well, maybe not actually the Pina Coladas themselves
but the ability to enjoy one (or a few)
with my Honey.
I am thankful for the quiet times alone
when we just sit and share airspace.

OK, but here's the funny part.
If you don't know my husband, he's not a big drinker. 
Our doctor told him once that he has friends
who spill more than Mike drinks. 
(who knew Rod hangs with such a fun crowd?)
Any way, 
we are on The Cayman Islands with Lory and Ken.
It's ten AM, we are sitting on the beach and someone 
asks, what time is it?
To which Mike replies, 
"I believe it's Pina Colada time."

That man never ceases to surprise me. 
And I am thankful for that too. 

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