Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 2

I am thankful for
people who care for my loved ones.
We are scattered about.
 (which is probably a good thing seeing as how we like to hang
like the Clampets when we are together)

While I might be tempted to dwell on not being able to 
love on my Shanna whenever I want, I prefer
to be thankful for Shawn, Meg, Jana, Vanessa, and 
oh my gosh, too many friends to mention, who
care for my precious daughter up close and personal.

I'm sad I don't get to cook Thanksgiving dinner
for my brothers but I am grateful that they 
have family and chosen family to spend the day with.

And while my mom and Big live just 
around the corner I am thankful for their church family 
and all the people who lend an arm, offer help,
love them, 
when I am not there.

Who loves on you? 

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