Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 6

The Opportunity to serve. 
No, the pleasure.

Yep, that's us serving.
Nothing says you can't have fun while you do it :o)

This was the Easter Basket project for
Embrace a Family.
We are a resource for single moms.
Actually, we would assist single dads too but they don't
seem to be beating a path to our door.
But I digress.
I was raised by a single mother and I've
done time as one.
Single parents need help.
It's a fact.
My mom had it (thanks, Big and Grandma)
and I had it (thanks mom, Big and Gaye.)

Embrace serves a very diverse population.
Some moms have families, some don't,
some have involved ex's, some don't,
some have money issues, some don't.
One thing they all have in common is
lack of time!
It's a great equalizer.

Embrace strives to address some of these needs by providing;
school supplies,
Christmas stockings,
Easter Baskets,
Mother's Day shopping excursions,
and opportunities to gather together.
Aka, Happy Hours (personal favorite).

The women who are served by EAF are so sweet
and appreciative.
I just hope I am gracious enough to convey
how thankful I am for the opportunity to serve.

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