Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days to Thankfulness: Day 13

He's my bestie's baby boy. 
Graduating High School his future looked bright. 

Then he hit a "rough" patch. 
It was a five year patch.
If you had any idea how rough that patch was
you would fully understand the miracle of the photo above.

I learned that 
you really can feel your friend's pain. 
Sometimes you have to pray on you knees. 
And God really can take a situation that looks hopeless
and turn it round. 
To not just make "things" better
but to take the hardest of things and turn them into 
the most glorious of lessons.

I am thankful for Court.
I am thankful he became strong.
I am thankful to have been able to stand beside my friend.


  1. And I'm even thankful for the fresh tears of joy remembering the pain and the journey and the VICTORY! God is an amazing God!!! And you are an amazing Bestie!! And I am the most blessed person I know! Love you!