Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to the Process

Lynne asked me the other day if I could replicate an item 
she had at Graham's 318. It was an egg, wrapped in bacon, cooked 
inside a cheese muffin. 
Well, soft cooking the egg to begin with was a no brainer
and the recipe for the muffin was one as well.
If you haven't tried "Fig's Cheese Muffins"
from the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site,
well, you just need to. 
They are amazing. 
But I digress.
Some day I'm going to run some kind of scan that will tell 
me the most used phrase on this blog and I bet you it will be,
"I digress".
Argh, but where was I? 
Oh, the bacon! I wasn't quite sure what would become of it 
so I only made a half batch of the muffins and only
put the egg concoction 
(second most used word)
in three of them. I figured if it was a bust there would be
less wasted food and at least 3 glorious muffins!
Well, the bacon wasn't *raw* it was more like *steamed*.
Still, not a lovely thing.

I've learned 3 things from this endeavor
 (third most used).
Use a smaller egg, mine were *large*.
Cook the bacon a bit first, just till it starts to firm up.
Use a "jumbo" muffin tin.

And my conclusion on the whole concept?
It's kinda quirky and while I wouldn't make these for 
Sunday morning breakfast, if I needed something that was finger food
transportable, and kinda fun, these would fit the bill.
Maybe Lory's next Triathlon. 
They'd be a good tailgate breakfast served with a mimosa.
or 5. 

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  1. No more triathlons! But picnicing on an early morning bike ride!