Monday, October 11, 2010

Breese My Niece

I suppose if Shanna (my daughter) got the
 Thank You Note gene from my aunt
it's possible Breese got the cooking gene from her aunt (me!).
Breese lives in DC and while she has an extensive pool 
of culinary guinea pigs to pull from out there, nothing quite
beats experimenting on one's own family!
Ask her mother and father, I do it to them routinely. 
Breese came to town this weekend with a mission mapped out.
Chicken Masala Saturday night and pulled pork
with coleslaw Sunday night. 
I was otherwise engaged Saturday night but was able to 
join in for the festivities Sunday night. 
She used Bobby Flay's recipe. 
It was really good, all be it a bit hot to start off.
The recipe calls for you to serve the sandwiches with coleslaw on top.
I've had BBQ that way before and while it seems really odd
to us Northerners, it's really quite good.
Breese and I agreed that the coleslaw would help to cut 
some of the heat so we decided to build the sandwiches
 and put them out as a "done deal".
We did catch a certain amount of flack but in the 
end we were proved correct.

So, my take away for today, when someone is preparing an unfamiliar
recipe or combination of foods for you, eat it as the
creator intended. Those weird combos may actually be what 
makes the dish so unique, great, wonderful!
Then, when you go back for seconds, do whatever you want. :o)

PS, Also, don't throw salt all over everything till you have tasted it. 
It just tells me that you're pretty sure I don't know 
what I'm doing before you have even tried :o)

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