Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making it Lory

This is what I got when I asked Lory if she would sew some
scraps of fabric together that I could use to cover some old pillows.
See, I bought a green chair
and an orange chair
to go with my purple couch.
And while this all makes perfect sense in my world, 
I thought the world at large
might like some visual cues to link the three. 
I thought that if Lory dug into the treasure trove that is her 
fabric *wall*she may come up with an assortment
 of fabrics that she could cut strips 
from, sew together to make one big piece of fabric
and then I could use that to cover my pillows. 
Yeah, that's what she did alright...... 

And while this post started out as a way for me to share
the artistry of my friend, I really want to share my friend. 
Well, not really *share* cause I really want to keep her to myself.
Lory and I met by very unlikely circumstance. 
In fact she just recently shared another twist to our
 whole meeting that reinforces our firm belief that God 
gave us to each other as a gift from Him.
We've been through a lot together and I could probably start another
whole Blog devoted to our escapades. 
I guess I can sum us up with this statement; 
we are friends who could ask each other for, or to do, anything
and know she would say "no" if need be. 
But we never say no. 


  1. I do feel the love! And I love you, too! We have put our mark on each other as God put His stamp of approval on us. BFF to be sure!

  2. *LOVE* the pillows. Yay, Lory!