Sunday, October 10, 2010

Court and Christine

If you could take happy and bottle it, this is what it would look like. 
Lory's baby got married yesterday. 
Christine's last name used to be Merry.
How funny is that!?
On top of that her mother's first name is my middle name!
Weird, huh?
Court and Christine had a wedding in what is now my
official FAVORITE way to have a wedding, or at least the reception.
Would you call it homemade?
All the food was made by hands of those who love the couple.
All the food was made by groups of people.
It was like a bunch of little parties leading up to the BIG one.
Court and Christine made the chicken and egg salads 
that became the wraps.
Christine and some of her friends made ALL the cupcakes.

Lory, her mother and I made the side salads. 

Mike even helped roll the wraps in the hour before the guests arrived!

Those of you who are familiar with Mike's aptitude in the 
kitchen are very impressed at this point. 
Court and Christine gave me the privilege of setting
up the room for the reception. I enlisted Lynne,
Brian and of course, Mike.
We had a little pizza and wine party beforehand, helps
with the creativity. And the laughs. 

It's so much fun to do things this way. 
We are all invested in it.
We all know what's not "perfect".
We all know it doesn't have to be. 
We all know the real reason we are there.
We all know we aren't trying to impress anyone with our 
party throwing prowess.
We just want to impress the couple with how much we love them. 
The Reluctant Entertainer would be proud. 


  1. you are so sweet merry! It looks like everything turned out awesome. the weather sure was.

  2. awesome. great post - glad you sent me over here!!! :)) i bet it was a wonderful day!


  3. So proud to the be the mother of the groom, and your friend, as well! You said it - maybe not a prefect party, but a perfectly loved couple!

  4. LOVE this post. *AND* that you used the word "prowess."