Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awful Falafel ?


I get updates from Vegetarian Times on my Facebook account.
Mike and I are very interested in cutting way back on the amount of meat we eat.
Don't get me wrong, we are most definitely NOT giving up
hot dogs and hamburgers.
It's that theory, if you do what's best for you most of the time, 
 then you're on the right track.
It's not a new concept, there's a term for it,
Hah! spell check doesn't even recognize it yet :0).
So, every now and then some totally unusual thing will catch my eye.
I had no idea what was involved in a "falafel" but I was intrigued.
Turns out they were pretty yummy and 
I will probably make them again.
I just have one concern. So, there's no meat involved and that's 
But what about the method of cooking?

Are chick peas and vegetables still good for you when you
deep fry them?????

Here's the link:

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