Monday, October 18, 2010

Asian Meatball Subs

Hoisin Mayonnaise!!!
The meatballs were just fine but the best part of this little baby was the sauce!
It has Thai Chili Sauce in it along with Hoisin sauce and the
mellow heat you get is unbelievable!
This is another little find from The Food Network Magazine. 
Best 18 bucks (for the subscription) we've ever spent!
Well, maybe not *best*, but pretty darn good. 
I think this sauce has real potential as the goop for chicken salad.
 I can just see it with some shredded chicken breast,
chopped water chestnuts, cilantro and some shredded carrots.
Lots of the same things they put in the meatballs. 
Maybe some sliced almonds on top?
Could it be warm over some quinoa?
Oh no, wait, Salmon!!!
Ah, the creative process. 
...or, ADHD, you decide.....

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