Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pink Ribbons and a Suck It Pin

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In case you didn't know.
I think I have more things to say about breast cancer
 than I have pink ribbons.
My mother is a 26 year survivor. 
Other survivors like to hear that "26" so I'm putting
that out there for you :o)
Mom and I have a contest going to see who can accumulate more
pink ribbon pins. 
I wear one every day during the month of October.
My goal is to have a different one for each day.
That is a hard goal to achieve when one has a daughter unit 
who takes off with them. 
But I digress.
My mother met cancer head on and showed it who was boss.
One year ago next month, a friend who is very dear to my heart
was diagnosed with breast cancer. 
Her family history was very different from mine. 
She lost her mother and quite a few other female relatives
to the disease. I didn't know Indra back then, 
or those amazing women, but I believe they managed
 to instill one killer instinct in Indra
 and I pitty the fool (or cancer cell) who decides to mess with her. 
Indra and I have lots of laughs together and don't tend to tolerate 
Debby Downers. 
Cancer can be a big downer. 
So, whereas Pink Ribbons have their place, in Indra and Merry Land,
the Suck It Pin reigns!
It is the biggest gaudiest thing you will ever see.
I gave it to her and told her that any day that cancer was trying to 
get the best of her, she was to wear that pin proudly and tell
cancer to


  1. That pin is NOT gaudy - it's a statement of strength!!! (well, okay, maybe it's a little much......) I wear it with pride and tell the story to anyone who will listen. I love that pin and it reminds me of the strength of girlfriends.

    Thank you, Merry, for the love and the support and all the laughs (even when it hurt)! There's no doubt cancer sucks, but I'm here to say there are rainbows even in the worst of storms.

  2. *Love* this post. And, hey-I've only stolen A pin of yours, and it was one *I* gave you anyhow... I think? ;)

  3. Indra, I had a hard time not shedding a few tears through this one. You've had a heck of a year! I love you very much and I am very grateful to have you in my life.

    sjb, you probably did give it to me seeing as how it was one of my favorites! I love you very much too.

  4. one of your favorites? woops... if it helps, i've worn it *every* day since i took it? :)