Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Want One!!!!

Have you ever seen such a thing?
This is a little spot we stumbled upon while on Hilton Head Island.
This is the coolest concept and I don't understand why 
there isn't one on every corner of every town. 
It's an Italian style wine bar.
How it works is that when you go in they give you a
 "credit card" and you slide it into the slot of any given "bank" 
of wines and then choose from, a taste, a half glass or a full glass
of any given wine. These contraptions keep oxygen out of the wine 
and the wine at the correct temperature. They have a full range from 
whites to reds from cheap to pretty pricey. 
They have a smattering of tables about and a selection of
 "small plates" and artisan cheeses. 
What a great way to try some new wines, have a little snack 
and hang with some friends.
When your done you just take your card to the cashier and it 
reads the charges you made. How cool!? 
I totally want to open one!
Lynne says those machines would run about 150 grand a pop.
Any investors?

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