Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Sommelier I'm Not

I choose my wines by the pretty labels. 
This one is my favorite (the label, not so much the wine). 
I like it so much that I have a poster of it
framed and hanging in my family room.
This one is pretty fun too. 
The wine is not half bad and the price is pretty reasonable. 
This is my current favorite and go-to gift wine.
It's a little pricey for sitting around on a Thursday evening unwinding
after having passed out candy to about 5 bazillion Trick or Treaters at
the store. I could digress, but I won't. 
So here is a wine that I would NEVER buy because of the label.
I stopped in to our local wine merchant (after aforementioned 
evening of terror) and asked Mr. Wineman to make a suggestion.
This is the man who once told me, "it's easy to find a good
expensive bottle of wine, the skill is in finding the 
good *in*expensive one."
How can you not just want to put yourself in that man's hands?

Public Announcement:
Whereas Binny's and other big box liquor stores have their place,
nothing can replace the independent guy and his love 
for his craft. 

My parameters for the night were, in the ten dollar range and that it not 
give me a headache. Some wines will do that to me and 
we just haven't had the fortitude to figure
 out which exact ones and why. 
Once my friend determined the headaches weren't caused 
from drinking the entire bottle, ahem, not that I 
*ever* have, but let's just say, that doesn't seem 
to be a factor, he decided we go from a chemical angle.
So here you have it, ORGANIC wine. 
I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.
It tastes just fine. 
The label is atrocious. 
If I don't have a headache in the morning, I may have to go 
kiss him on the lips. 
Well, not really because, 
THIS one doesn't give me a headache!
Great label, huh?
Now if I could only get it in Illinois.....

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