Sunday, October 31, 2010

How We Have Our Fun

This seems like an appropriate Halloween post. 
It all started with this shot.
Mike and I were on vacation when I awoke in the middle of
 the night in excruciating pain. 
Turns out even the security guard at the hospital was able
to diagnose my kidney stones. 
They shot me full of really good drugs really fast and that would
be my excuse for this picture. Mike didn't get the same 
"Get Out of Jail Free" card and so had to throw himself at
 Shanna's mercy after he texted this pic to her with the only caption,
"wish you were here". 
We thought it was hilarious! Shanna, not so much.
A couple of months later Mike awoke in the middle of the 
night with either chest pains or really bad heartburn.
I decided I would rather have him in the hospital with really bad
heartburn than at home with a heart attack. 
Heartburn won (as did we) and we waited till a decent hour
to send this one off to Shanna. 
A couple months later she retaliated. 
I love that kid. 
How could you not!?

Good news, no humans were permanently damaged in 
the making of these photos. Michael's wife, Michelle, has
 been instructed that should he find himself in an 
emergency room somewhere, it will be
her duty to photo document the event. And Michael has been 
informed that this only remains funny as long as nobody gets hurt. 

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  1. Baaaahahahhaaaa!!!!! Love it. But I'm still mad at myself for not having Melissa take the pic once I had my IV in. D'oh!