Monday, October 25, 2010

Fasten Your Seat Belts!

This one's going all over the place!

Has anyone ever *really* gotten a good recipe from People Magazine?
Has anyone *really* ever tried one of those?
And what *ever* possessed People to start publishing recipes?
And, btw, there is a post in the offing about the "*".

Well, kudos to their food stylist because while I really flip through 
People to look at the pictures of the pretty people,
their picture of pretty food caught my eye.
If I was half good at this whole thing I would figure out how to 
swipe their picture and use it here, well, for obvious reasons. 
But despite my photographic abilities,
It was really good!
Go figure!
This creation is courtesy of Mister Al Roker.
It used a chuck roast that you cubed and browned and then 
browned up some hot Italian sausage. I was tempted to
weenie out on the sausage and get the sweet but I manned up
and went hot. I'm so glad I did. There are not a lot
of other spices in this so the sausage really does double duty. 
I made it exactly as the recipe reads with one exception, I cooked
it in a slow cooker as opposed to the oven. 
I needed to be able to leave it unattended. 
Holy cow, yum!
I tried to post the link but it appears People hasn't posted it to 
their site yet. If you want it now, go buy the November 1st issue.
Or go to your local library.
Please support your library.
(That's for my friend Tory who is on the Library Board)

So, Mike says I should send this blog to Al Roker.
Cause I made his recipe.
He'd like to know someone actually made his recipe.
And my posts are absolutely scintillating. (love spell-check)
And since I know the man I am married to, I agree.
I just ask him to come up with an e-mail address. 
This is where it gets good.

Why would I with such confidence suggest such a thing, you ask?
Because when Rossella (Foreign Exchange Student)
was here she took Home EC and came home one day 
with a, hmm, what to call it, a bag of sorts.
That she sewed. 
She was very proud.

And, my husband being a very supportive host father 
and a fashionista to boot, suggested she 
send one to Paris Hilton and ask her to carry it 
some time. Then everybody will want to know where this amazing
bag came from, and, you get where this is going.
What you may not expect is that Mike actually tracked down Paris's
publicist to see where he could send this for her consideration. 
He got pretty far and really blew a few minds around here. 
Actually, the internet and a phone will get you far.

So, here we are. Mike feels he has found a way to get 
this to one Al Roker and I will not doubt my man's abilities. 
Let's all just see where this goes. 

So far I have hit on, a recipe, the use of the "*", People magazine, 
photography skills (or lack there of), the library, go vote!, Al Roker,
my husband, an exchange student and Paris Hilton. 
That sounds like the punch-line to a bad joke. 
And now you understand the title of this post.
Or, why it's so hard to keep a straight train of thought in my head :o)

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