Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Rant

Or, a public service. 
I'm not sure which. 
I work retail. 
I enjoy working retail. 
I don't need to make gobs of money, just a little to set us
over the top. I am a very social being. I like passing the time
with people. Sometimes I can help people, sometimes I'm just
a pleasant face. I don't always know all the answers. 
It hurts my feelings when people talk down to me on those occasions.
 I'm more than happy to find the answers. 
I guess I could just make stuff up. 
Hmmm, I sell baby cribs, car seats and strollers. I think it's important
that I find the right answers. 
Sometimes things go wrong, an order takes longer than expected
to arrive, there's a scratch on something, I don't know, there are
a million things that *can* go wrong. I try my best to be sympathetic,
I really do understand the frustration. But, let me introduce you to a new phrase;
There you have it, you're mad as hops, there is nobody to 
blame and chewing off any number of heads (mine included) will
not rectify the problem. 
Please, when those occasions happen, 
and they will, take a deep breath
and choose you plan of action carefully. 
Telling me it's not my fault and then proceeding to 
rip me a new one does not make things all better for me who 
has to have such anger vented at her. 
You're right, it's not my fault and generally speaking, 
I'm a pretty nice person who probably doesn't deserve what you have 
just regurgitated all over me. 
I'm also a person who lives in a pretty small town
and will most likely be looking you name up in the church directory.

Yeah, they've been there. 
That is all.

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