Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sticky Rice

Some things you are just better off not knowing.
I don't know if I am the only person on the face of the earth 
with this particular habit,
but my favorite part of take-out Chinese food is the white rice. 
About an hour or so after the dinner.

You know, that stuff that when you dump the container upside down,
 you get a perfect little pyramid-esque clump of white.

I rifle around in the fridge 
(once dinner has worn off, and you know it does)
 and rescue that lone little container of rice.
I dump it out and drizzle it with the 
contents of one of those little packets of sweet and sour sauce,
that, by the way, I am sure will survive a nuclear blast,
like the cockroaches.
But I digress.

Well, here's the part I'm pretty sure I would be better off 
NOT knowing:
You can totally make it at home!
I don't think the brand is vital.
I think this it the important part of this package:
Think about it, Sushi Rice has GOT to be sticky!

I made this last night with our stir fry and I was in 
sticky rice heaven. 

I even had some of these:
for later......

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