Monday, February 7, 2011

Can you make Stew Without Stew Meat?

You can if you use ground beef and call it soup!
I had a Crock Pot.
I had 2 pounds of ground beef.
I had an uncontrollable need to combine the two.
So I did and I got this:
Here's the original recipe:
I have made as written and we really liked it.
I just thought , why couldn't I brown off some ground beef
and do basically the same thing?
The answer is, I can!

Here are the changes I made:
I used a sweet potato and half and acorn squash.
Just because I had them, kinda like I "had" the ground beef.
I browned the beef with the onions and then 
added the spices, garlic and ginger to "bloom" them.
I threw everything in the Crock Pot.
Just because that was part of my basic premise.
Low for 5-6 hours.
I made an Israeli couscous/pasta blend from Trader Joe's
and put a bed of that in a bowl and spooned the stew/soup
on top and then topped that with some sliced almonds. 
(I'm not gonna go all "Rachel Ray" and call it a 
"stoop", but that is kind of descriptive of what you get)

Oh, and a little PSA for you,
Whereas that big ol' 6 quart Crock Pot will 
serve you well when making a huge batch
of America's Test Kitchen's Sunday Gravy,
it will over cook the dickens out of a nice little
stew for the two of you. 
Make room in your cupboards. 
It's worth it.
You gotta have two.
Hmm, nice to see I have product loyalty :o)

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