Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mediterranean Beef and Pasta

I'm always on the look out for something different to
make in the Crock-Pot and today I hit upon this on 
the official Crock-Pot Facebook page.
Yep, they have one.
It's pretty straight forward and turned out good. 
I think next time I would:
add some italian sausage,
sprinkle some toasted pine nuts on top,
and use twice as many olives, maybe even throw in some green ones.
Oh, and the sauce is pretty thick so I felt the farfalle was a better
pairing than the fettuccine they called for.
Gotta love those canned green beans. 
But I had issues.

Wednesday nights are pretty rushed around here. 
Mike has to leave for church at 5:45 and I work till 5 so
something that cooks while I'm gone is the best bet.
And this would have been great had I been able to work today :o(
I went shopping this morning.
I spent $160.00.
(don't even ask why I have a picture of my haul)
Once I got done photo-documenting said purchase I opened
the fridge to load it up and noticed the yogurt I picked up to move
didn't feel cold.
At all. 

A call to my regular repair guy got me an appointment on Monday. 
I don't think so! They did give me a referral who upon calling told
me they could be here between 3 and 5.
Can I tell you, I don't work much but when I do, it's from 3 to 5. 
Best laid plans.

But, whatever, there are blessings all around.
I didn't have to wait till Monday.
I live in Illinois.
It's February.
My entire garage is one big refrigerator.
It went out before I loaded it with $160 worth of groceries.
The repair was less than the cost of a new fridge.
All the shelves are clean.
There is no "old" food lurking about.
I was able to write a check.
Worst part, we had to eat canned beans.
Hey! I had issues. 

How was your day?

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