Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodwill Industries

I am a fan.
I see it as a garage sale whenever I feel like it.
There have been two times when I have woken up and 
had a very specific idea of an item I needed, 
gone into Goodwill and found the perfect thing!

This was number one:
Really, a round mirror.
I wanted it for over the piano.
It needed a little something.
It was the 80's.
At some point I will let go.
Just not yet.

Number two:
I wanted a piece of furniture for the dining room that I could
store table cloths, napkins, place-mats
and large serving pieces in.
It was perfect except for the finish.
It was all dark wood including the top.
A little paint (oil base on furniture) and a little faux marble 
paint treatment and wa-la!
Oh, and new pulls and knobs that actually cost more that the piece itself.

Now I am on the hunt for a random piece of furniture,
I think it is living it's life as a small dresser at the moment,
that I want to turn into a television stand.
I want to pay $20 for it. 
It's out there. 
It's just playing hard to get.
I've been to Goodwill a few times waiting for it to show up.

In the mean time I have seen a way cool coffee table
and a way cool mirror (on different trips in).
Neither of which did I buy.
Both of which I went back for.
Both of which were sold.

Lesson learned; if you find yourself in Goodwill
and you are intrigued by an item, 
You can always donate it back.
It's a good cause.
They sign Shanna's paycheck. 

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