Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Relishing Relish

I have more fun "stumbling upon" 
places on the internet.
There is actually something
called Stumble that I believe is a search engine
that will take you to blog sites it feels you may enjoy(?).
I haven't tried it out yet cause I'm having too much fun on my own.

So here's one for you, 
I actually connected with it over Facebook.
It's Relish Magazine.
They have an actual magazine supplement that is included in 
local newspapers like the first weekend of the month.
My mom sent me one of their articles called
"The Pantry Project".
In the article they suggested all sorts of meals you can 
construct with pantry items you may have on hand.

They noted at the end of the article that
they had a Facebook page, so I went there.
I have been having fun with them ever since.
They post a question most days and
 people respond through out the day.
And what's even better is the people at Relish respond!

A couple of weeks ago they challenged people to send in a
 picture of their refrigerator contents and they would 
suggest meals from them.
My fridge was kind of boring so instead I sent them this:
This was the result of my Meijer run for the day.
I challenged them to come up with a days worth of 
meals from it. I pointed out that I did include the 
"gas defense" as a public service. 
Stacy did it!
She came up with an entire day of meals along with snacks.
It was really fun.
 One of the suggestions was a Beet Tartar.
Carol is totally grossed out but I thought it sounded kind of good.
I haven't gotten around to trying it yet but I did write the recipe down.

One morning they asked what people were making for 
breakfast. I sent a picture of this:
We call it a Giant Pancake.
Other people call it a Dutch Baby.
I took a closer look at the piece of paper I had torn the
recipe from, like a year or more ago,
and guess what! It was from
Relish Magazine!
How funny is that!

It just amuses me.
That is all.

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