Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brioche 101

Alternatively, Brioche For Dummies.
Lynne and I have a tradition of getting together to
"create" something in the kitchen at Christmas 
as opposed to exchanging gifts.
We were a little late this year. 
We made pepper jelly last year, canning, a first for both of us.
The year before we made apple cider donuts.
This year it was 
Maple-Glazed-Bacon-Encrusted Brioche Donuts.
It was a brian child born of some 
Food Network show.
 We tossed the holes in cinnamon sugar.
Yum, right?
They were and we had a regular party here.

The thing is, the dough is pretty labor and time intensive.
Lynne and I actually had to start the process Friday night,
throw out our first attempt,
 and then drink an entire bottle of wine while we waited 
for all the kneading and all the rising that had to happen
just to get the dough to the point where it could rest overnight!

Here is what we learned;
when the recipe says
 "sprinkle the flour on top and let it sit for 1/2 hour",
that really means, 
let the flour sit on top of the 
spongy mess you have made for half an hour, 
NOT mix it into the spongy mess.
And the flour does indeed "crack".
The dough looks very scary throughout the process.
Just go with it.
Kind of, close your eyes and have faith.
This is the sad mess that goes into the fridge for the night;
But this is what it looks like in the morning:
Pretty, huh?
Even the bowl transformed!

This was my first experience with fresh yeast. 
Just ask someone where it is, you'll never find it on your own.
And one of these is amazing:
It made a huge difference.
Thanks, Debbie!

The other huge difference was having friends here to 
help eat all the donuts.
Thanks, Lory and Ken!

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  1. So happy to help with the eating! They were awesome - past tense. But the memory lives on! And probably the fat cells, too, but I'm getting good at ignoring them ;-)