Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leftover Lalapolooza!

I made dinner last weekend that involved
a "stew" of chuck roast that I slow
cooked in a Cincinnati sort of sauce, shredded, and the served
in hollowed out baked potatoes.
I roasted off a bunch of vegetables,
butternut squash,
sweet potatoes,
and cauliflower.
And served them on a platter on the side. My thinking that you then 
"construct" your own stew at the table.
It was pretty good and kind of fun.
Sorry, no pics. 
I blame Shanna.
Thing is, I was left with the insides of the aforementioned
potato boats and quite a few roasted veges. 
Note to self, 
when given the choice all people revert back to
12 year olds and won't pile on the veges quite like they should.
So, here you have my solutions:
Ken and Lory turned me on to this little nugget,
mashed potatoes with Boursin cheese.
The fish and broccoli are just excuses to eat the potatoes.
And all those roasted vegetables?
Um, helllooooo?, I've been so into making soup these
days I'm not sure why it didn't come to me sooner.
I just heated some vegetable broth with the leftover vegetables
added some garlic, red pepper flakes (I know, Big)
and some fresh nutmeg.
 Gave it a good turn in the Vitamixer and

PS, it's fun to mess with Shanna in these.
Lets me know when she's paying attention :o)


  1. Yes, yes, she IS paying attention! (HALLOWED out potatoes? Were they HOLY potatoes?!?) ;) Love ya, ma!

  2. Yes, they were, didn't you notice? But now they're just hollow. Not quite as much fun...smarty pants :o)