Thursday, February 3, 2011

Huge Organizations vs: Blizzard

Last night we had the pleasure of having one of 
Mike's clients over for dinner.
Enrique is from Uruguay.
This was Enrique's first experience with snow.
Hey, go big or go home!

He decided To walk to the grocery store Tuesday afternoon
just as things were getting into full swing.
First he had the experience of an American grocery store.
If you ever want to freak someone from another country out, 
take them to a grocery store.
It was so much fun to hear him describe asking 
where something was and then walking 
"five miles" to that end of the store only to ask 
where the next item he wanted was and having to walk
"three miles" in the opposite direction. 
(this is all within the confines of Jewel, mind you)
But then when he finally made it out and headed back to the hotel
he told us of being "stabbed" with snow in his face and only
seeing white, everywhere. 
He was just amazed!
Equally amazing to him was the number of cars 
that pulled over to ask if he needed a ride.
He was also impressed (as were we) that when he
told the front desk he would have to stay another night, he was
informed that the room would be at a reduced rate
due to the storm. Thank you Marriott :o)

So whereas People to People and AFS are marvelous organizations 
developed to foster good will and understanding between countries.
I say just give me a good blizzard!


  1. I completely agree with your statement on freaking out someone from another country with our grocery stores. It even freaked me out after not being in one for a couple years, especially the cereal isle. I had 4 choices overseas.... I didn't know what to do with a whole isle!

  2. That's the aisle that gets em all! LOL