Friday, February 25, 2011

Not A Fan

This one's for you, Steve.
He likes it when I do restaurant reviews.
We hit Tom and Eddie's tonight.
Won't be hitting it again :o(
The food was fine, really good burgers, mediocre sweet potato fries.
Ambiance, ZERO!
For an eight dollar burger I would not like to feel as if
I was in a circus. The chaos was over the top
and the table placement was such that the couple sitting 
across from us was so in our business
Mike wondered if they were "swingers"
 looking for some action.
No Thanks!
There are plenty of local establishments in our downtowns
with great burgers that I won't feel the need to 
deprive them of my dining out dollars. 

Cause I'm that sure that Mike and I could make or break you. 


  1. Ken came to the same conclusion. But we always knew you two were twins...

  2. He actually seems to be a little bit harder sell than me when it comes to dining establishments, but here we do agree :o)

  3. Toooo bad--you were so excited for a Tom & Eddie burger!!!