Monday, February 21, 2011

Are These So Old That They Are Cool Again?

I've had these babies for over 30 years.
I have never used (on a regular basis) any other kind of cookware.
It's what my mom had and so when I got my first
apartment it's what I got.
Revere Ware.
I have never had to replace a piece.
Those ads that talk about "even heating"?
I have no idea what they are talking about.
A pan can heat "uneven"?
These are very much taken for granted here and
I didn't even know it.
Now then, this is what has caught my eye.
I kind of covet an All-Clad sauce pan.
It just looks sexy to me.
I love the lines of it.
It even looks like there is a halo around it.

But it would appear that I am in love with a fantasy.
Michelle has a set of these and demonstrated to me that
once you have one of these babies filled with
water and pasta, you need a guy to lift it from the
sink to the stove and visa versa.
And you know that with that kind of weight it's
just a matter of time before a handle breaks off.
All my Revere Ware have their original handles.

I must rededicate myself to my Revere Ware.
It has been faithful and true.
Don't be taken in by shiny.
All that glitters is not gold.

All-Clad does make a butter warmer....
How heavy can butter be?....


  1. i can't wait to finally have a matching set of all my pots and pans!!

  2. I used to have Revere Ware. One of my handles broke off, and something else happened to it (I can't remember now - it's been so long ago!). Anyway, I got new pots and pans - Kitchen Aid brand, and I love these! Just like All-Clad, these are sexy and inviting. And, boy do they clean up easily! So, Mary do you want some of my old Revere Ware that I have in my basement to give away?

  3. Thanks, Lyn, but I think my problem is that the ones I have won't go away! LOL

  4. Hey how do I post a pic. here ? Have a wall full of revere ware, still my fav. Have a kool experiment about "even heating" with copper bottom pans if you want it.

  5. Crap no pics, no edit, no name !!!!!
    Twas me ....

  6. Take a pic and post it to FB, I think I can lift it and post it. I bet it's impressive, knowing you! And, figures that's what you have, same lady raised us both :o)