Monday, January 10, 2011

You know that saying that if something is really yours
and you set it free it will come back to you?

A couple of years ago my friend, Kimberly, introduced me to 
Vosges  Mo's Bacon Bars.
It was my first experience with chocolate and bacon
come together to play nice.

I have held on to the box from the chocolate all 
this time but in a fit of New Year's Organization,
I threw the box away. 
It was just taking up space anyway.

!!!!But look what came in the mail today!!!!!
I knew the movie was coming to me,
but not the chocolate!!!!

See, the universe wants me to have a Vosges
box in my house.
 It doesn't care if it's full or empty.
I think I can maintain a supply of this stuff
just by tossing the box when I'm ready for a refill. 

I'll let you know how my theory shakes out.
(btw, Thanks, Dirk)


  1. It appears that you have at least one awesome brother.