Monday, January 10, 2011

She's Really Pretty And Has Too Many Teeth

Quick, name that Food Network star!
And, unfortunately, she can cook.
Honey and I spent the weekend vegetating in front of the 
television due to his horrific man cold.
Food Network was doing a "Healthy Eating"
 weekend in honor of the new year. 
I am not a fan of fish, yogurt or lemon
 but for some reason this looked appealing.
Maybe all those drugs in the air were affecting me.
I've run out of new vegetables to try. 
It was a loooong weekend. 

Well, Yum!
I'll say it again, YUM!!!

Oh, and yea, it was Giada. 
How much you wanna bet she's nice too. 


  1. I've never noticed her teeth!

  2. Look a bit further north next time you watch her show! LOL

  3. In the South Park episode 'Crème Fraîche' Alton introduces her as 'Giata De Laurentiis with her perky tats and gigantic head.'