Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goat Cheese and Cherry Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

An experiment gone right!
Question: can you take these ingredients and turn them into dinner?
Answer, yes you can!

I have wanted to try this for a few days. 
Five Ingredient Fix had a stuffed pork chop recipe 
that sounded pretty good.
Except for the pork chop part.
What is it with pork chops?
They're always dry and chewy and there is always a 
sliver of bone floating around that I get.
Now pork tenderloin, that I can relate to.

I guess the only part of the original recipe I used
was the goat cheese. 
She used goat cheese, prunes 
(that she insisted on calling, "dried plums", cause we're all dumb)
and some nut.
Oh, and the nasty pork chop.
I used goat cheese, dried cherries,
(that really are dried cherries)
almonds and a pork tenderloin that I butterflied.

My cooking method of choice for pork tenderloins
is to brown them off in a skillet and then pop them in a 
375 degree oven for 20 minutes.
They come out perfect every time. 
Just a touch pink, and that's ok, somebody, somewhere, 
solved that whole trichinosis thing years ago. 

The potatoes are Giada's 
Fried Smashed Potatoes which are basically small potatoes
that you have boiled, let cool, flatten out with the
palm of your hand and then pan fry in some garlic
infused olive oil. 
I've tried a few of Giada's recipes and I think I'm 
going to have to get over the whole 
"don't hate me because I'm beautiful" thing.
The chick can cook. 

Those are parsnips and carrots that I roasted with some
balsamic. they were fine but not exciting. 

Oh, and if you noticed the cherry preserves and amaretto, 
I made a little glaze out of them for over the pork.

And now, maybe a little of that amaretto in my coffee?

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