Sunday, January 23, 2011

Honey Turns 50

Sap Alert!
But, really, anybody who knows me knows that a post that includes
"Honey" is gonna get all sappy :o)
This was my gift to my husband on the event of his 50th birthday:
I have two challenges when it comes to "gifting" Honey.
First is his mantra, "Don't spend any money!"
Second, any gift worthy of a momentous event really needs to be
chosen by him. As in; guitar, car, motorcycle.

I did a variation on a theme that I have done before.
I made a list of 50 things I love about him and/or memories we share.
I decided to include the kids on it and they sent a few of their own.
I printed them all up and then cut them into strips and filled the box.
I had different colored hearts on the strips to denote who 
they were from. I wouldn't want him to think one of the kids liked
his nice butt. (hey, I had to come with 50!)
It was actually really neat to read what the kids came up with. 
One of Shanna's memories came all the way from the first
year Mike came into our lives. She was just 4!

And, why am I not surprised that this is how the box looked once Mike 
had read every slip of paper:
How much do I love him!!!???

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