Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Institutionalization of Lory

Or, how does one get to be 50 years old, having spent 
the better part of those 50 years in Illinois, and not have had
occasion to have visited The Art Institute?

Lory only told me of this travesty lately and it had
been preying on my mind ever since.
It was a real dilemma for me since I don't allow others
to accompany me to art museums since Honey's immortal words
spoken to me at the Louvre:
"Why is everybody looking at *that* one?
 That one over there has arms on it." 
Yep, he did.

So about once a year I would make a point of jumping
on the train and take myself to the Art Institute
for as much or as little time as I felt like roaming around.
There have been times when I have gone and sat and looked at this
painting and then gone home.
How did they get the white THAT white?

The world opened up to me the day I realized I didn't
have to commit an entire day. I can go down mid morning and be back
in time to make dinner.
I go by myself and walk as fast or as slow as I please.
I'm in a whole little world of my own.

But I had to save Lory!!!
And, actually, it had been quite a while since I roamed
downtown. It was time and Lory had last Monday off.
We had so much fun and really, the Art Institute was just
a reason for us to have our kind of fun.
(Oh, it is still standing)
Turns out I was able to introduce Lory to a few things that day.
The Art Institute.
 ?!Who knew!?
Half Onion Loaf
And a Hackney Burger on dark rye. 
She didn't get a choice in ordering. 
When did they put a Hackney's in downtown Chicago?

Oh, and one other little gem she wasn't aware of....
The bar in the train station makes Margaritas
TO GO!!!!

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  1. Honestly, does life get better than that?! Thanks for filling in the gaps in my cultural education. And my cuisine education as well! A two for!