Saturday, January 8, 2011

Name That Vegie Part Two

Kale to the Chief
How pretty is this?
This was my first experience with the lacy stuff.
I was using Aggie's Stewed Kale and Tomatoes recipe. 
It says to chop the kale but didn't mention the pretty substantial rib
 that runs down each leaf so I made an executive decision and 
cut them out. 
I'm pretty sure that was a good call. 
I didn't have "cooking wine" so I used regular good old
"drinking wine". 
Pretty sure that was a good call as well. 
How beautiful is that color?
I took a picture because I was pretty sure it wasn't
 going to stay THAT green.
And it didn't.

Here's what I learned about kale.
You need to cook it to within an inch of it's life.
I took a taste midway through and it was very *chewy*.
The hit of sweet from the raisins was marvelous.
It will take on the ethnicity of any spice you pair it with. 
(at least I think it will)
Next time I'm going to try a Moroccan or Indian slant.
Served over quinoa with some parm on top makes a nice lunch.

Acorn Squash is my next victim but then 
I'm out of ideas. 
Any suggestions? 

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