Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preservation Bread and Wine

First, let me apologize for the photo.
I didn't take it and this is probably where I'm supposed to
mention the credit for the photo, but I'll be honest,
I just "borrowed" it from their Facebook page.
I don't think they'll mind.
I hope.

Mike and I went there for dinner last night for the first time.
It is a unique little place.
Emphasis on *little*.
They have a nice selection of wines along with
 "small plates" and cheese plates.
We kind of muddled our way through ordering the
Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Flatbread,
Pulled pork sandwich,
Macaroni and Cheese,
and their Bread Pudding for dessert.
They kind of just bring food out to you as it is ready.
The atmosphere really lends itself to relaxing and spending time.
We had a chance to talk to Lawrence, the owner, and I
told him that next time I would like to come in, order my wine
and have them pair foods with the wine I chose.
I'll just tell them when to stop!
He said they actually do have a few patrons who do that.
So, my original idea,
not so original :o)
But! A good one nonetheless!

So, go check this place out, just keep in mind that it
will not be a typical dining experience, but in a good way.

And while I am not a restaurant critic, there are a couple other
establishments that have my attention lately.
Mmmmm, Prasino,
Mmmmmm, The Turf Room....
Hey! How do you get that gig????

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