Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flight of Meatloaf?

Oh yes you can!
So this isn't the best representation of this dish
but the restaurant was dark and I wasn't sure if this was cool or not.

Steve has requested a review of The Turf Room
and I aim to please.
I have been there a few times for lunch and probably as many 
times for dinner now.
I usually like to try out a new (to me) restaurant at lunch
when the menu is a little lighter (read: cheaper).
I am impressed every time with the creativity of the dishes and the 
fact that said creativity is matched by the flavor.
It's actually been about 6 months since the "Flight of Meatloaf"
so I'm a little vague on the specifics but it involved 
three different kinds of meat each on it's own potato concoction.

One lunch I had chocolate bacon waffles for dessert and
you know how I love my chocolate and bacon slapped together!
(can't seem to spell comingled)
Another time Mike and I went for dinner but didn't really feel 
like a heavy meal so we did an assortment of 
appetizers and a couple of desserts.
How the chef comes up with this stuff is beyond me.
I told our waiter that I would love to come and just hang 
out in the kitchen and watch their chef create. 
Turns out he's a young guy in his early 20's.
That night we had the 
Cheese Plate
Tres Hummus
Lobster Corn Dogs
and some special.
It was amazing! Some of the things come "deconstructed"
so you pull a fork full of whatever through a smear
of whatever else and make a whole new 
whatever whatever else!
Oh, and the hummus was served in a large round platter with a
ledge on it that had a drizzle of reduced balsamic on it so
if you dipped your pita with the hummus in the balsamic
you got a whole new level of wow!

OK, I have to stop but wait, you have to hear about the 
Carrot Cake Pancakes.
They even won out over the German Chocolate Bread Pudding.
And that was fantastic!

Here's the link for The Turf Room
It's kind of hard to find so if you need a navigator just call me.
You can buy me dinner as my fee :o)

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