Friday, January 14, 2011

Parenting Advice

Otherwise known as, 
You Get What You Pay For.
A blogger I follow, Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer 
(which is a misnomer because I'm pretty sure she loves to entertain), 
posed a question today;
 Do you make your bed every day?

You know a pretty straightforward question like that is going
to ricochet all over in my head.

Poor Grandma spent about every day of her senior years 
nagging at me to make my bed.
Sometimes successfully, but most times not.
I grew up and got married. 
To a neatnic.
I make our bed every day.

I did not, however, feel inclined to pester my 
children to make their beds.
I am of the opinion that they will have many years ahead of them 
in which to pursue this chore. 
As I wrote to Sandy, bedroom doors were made to be closed, 
so if company should come by,
close door,
 problem solved. 

And you may think that is my pearl of parenting wisdom but
in fact here is the pearl:
It's the bedroom doors and closing thereof,
or more to the point,
inability to!
Cue evil laugh....

Nothing will drive an adolescent more nuts than
removing their bedroom door!
I did it to each of my kids,
That's all it takes.
I can't even remember what infraction they
committed but boy did that door
off the hinges make an impact!
So there you have it.
Be very selective in your use of it.
You don't want to tip your hand all at once.

One other little gem;
pick your battles but then stick to your guns.
And keep in mind, like I stated,
when it comes to advice,
you get what you paid for :o)

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