Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where We Come From

Luke 2:3-4

I come from Iowa.
Ottumwa, Iowa, to be exact...
Me and Radar O'Reilly.

Actually, I guess that's not really where I'm from - 
I was just born there -
my Bethlehem.
We lived in an even less impressive town at the time -
Eldon - my Nazareth.

I can't imagine what difference that makes to anyone.
No prophecy surrounded my birth.
My birth announcement listed my parents,
but not my grandparents,
and certainly not my great, great grandfather to the 50th power.

Jesus birth and life and death were foretold 
centuries earlier.
They were documented well prior to his birth.
He was not just part of the plan -
He WAS the PLAN.
He IS the PLAN!

And the same God who made that PLAN
has a plan for me, too.
You won't find me referenced in a pre-history book,
Nor likely in the history books 100 years from now.
But God's plan includes me, too.

Maybe life isn't as random and capricious 
as it seems after all.
God used something as trivial as a census
to fulfill the prophesy on the location of Jesus' birth.
Wonder what He can do with Ottumwa?

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