Sunday, December 23, 2012


And the GOOD Shepherd.

Luke 2: 17 & 18

I've made note of where 
shepherds stood in the 
social hierarchy of their time.
So todays reading has me scratching my head a bit.
They went out and told of what 
they had seen and heard
and apparently people believed them.
That just seems incongruent with what I
would expect would happen. 
I would think they would have been dismissed.
But they weren't.

And then I think of all the lofty titles given to
Lord of Lords.
High Priest.
Prince of Peace.

But the one that seems
to be His favorite;
the Good Shepherd.

It just seems unexpected that He
would embrace the 
least of these.

But it's not, 
is it?


  1. So, so true! I had made the connection between shepherds being the lowest and Jesus assigning the name to Himself! Awesome!

  2. I think the shepherds were not necessarily believed by the people ~ they were "amazed", but maybe not convinced? But God still gave the least-of-these shepherds the incredible honor of being the first earth-bound newsmen (the angels were the first of the heavenly sort) to witness to the Savior's arrival! Very upside-down awesome!