Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little Big Man

Today's reading is Matthew 2:3-4
Does anyone remember that movie with a young Dustin Hoffman?  
Me, either, really - except for the name.  
And that must have been the name they used behind Herod's back -
Or putz - one of the two.

But no one laughed to his face and lived to tell.  
When Herod vexated, an entire nation wrung its hands.
Not the good kind of power or the good kind of king, either.
Jesus collected his first mighty enemy - and He was still a toddler!
Really, couldn't Herod pick on someone his own size!

And just like bullies through the centuries and yet today,
Herod was too cowardly to face his foe by himself -
so he induced an entire nation to be his minions -
to fight a dreaded TODDLER!

I guess if Herod was Little Big Man, that makes the Christ Child:
BIG Little Man
Son of God

My King beat that king - OH YEAH!


  1. And the last laugh is on the little big man, with all those people doing his bidding, he still failed!

  2. Not only that, he killed the majority of his family. Herod was one bad dude and not even a Jew! We have many like him in the world today, but we also have the risen Lord who is on our side. I often think we need to put crosses on top of our Christmas trees as Christmas points to the scarfice Jesus made on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday. Love your persecptive Lory...It's given me new insight.

  3. Herod's problem was jealousy of POWER, I think. How scary, that a "big man" would be so hungry to have-it-all that he would have to fight with a toddler! In the book I'm reading now, The Shack, I keep revisiting the idea that the role God intended for us, as children of God, and that we gave up/refused in the Garden of Eden, was that of follower to God's leadership. Mankind chose independence instead of dependence on God. We didn't want to concede the "right" or "power" to managed our own lives. And look where that haughtiness and poor decision has taken us... sigh. But thank God for little babies! =) Christmas brings such hope! Thanks for the food-for-thought, Lory! - Holly