Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall on Your Knees

Matthew 2:11-12
I love a baby!
I love toddlers!
Ditto children of all ages!
With 3 sons, 3 grandsons, and another grandson on the way - I'm kind of partial to little boys!
They own my heart -
They have my full attention -
They have me wrapped around their little fingers!
I love them each with my whole heart!
I would give my life for any one of my "boys" - gladly!
I know them - I have intimate connections to them.  
They are blood.

But I have never spontaneously fallen on my knees to worship any one of them.
It seems unlikely that I ever will.

What was it about that child - the Christ Child - that brought out such
from strangers and royalty?
What did Jesus stir in the hearts of those kings that told them in an instant
that they were less than the King they beheld?

Almighty God
even in the body of a child!

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