Thursday, December 20, 2012


Luke 2:11-12

Keep well to the right
Of the oncoming car
Get your close shaves
From the half pound jar

I'm just a little young to remember those signs,
though every once in a while
someone revives the idea along the road side 
and breaks the travel monotony
for a mile or so.

I think God actually had the original idea.
The prophesies are all over the Old Testament.
One after another mankind passed them,
along the miles - stretching to centuries - of history.

And then the time came:

Virgin is pregnant
Journey to Bethlehem town
Babe in a stable
Wise men lay their treasures down
Cold lonely night
Shepherds with sheep
Singing angels
Disturb their sleep
Just in case 
you missed all those
Baby wrapped 
in swaddling clothes

Tiny fingers, tiny toes
Precious little bitty thing
Came from heaven down to earth
Son of God, the Lord and King
Jesus Christ


  1. What's today? the 20th? Funny how poorly we can "time" our prognostications, when really it doesn't matter to God! The signs all added up eventually, and were fulfilled in one event. But I don't think any of them pointed to an exact day of our Messiah's birth. We should keep that in mind when we ask God for miracles or answers to prayers ~ his timing is not ours! (And aren't we glad He doesn't operate like the Mayans?!)