Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quit While You're Ahead!

When I devised this little
reading plan I just went 
as far into the Matthew readings 
as what seemed a natural stopping point. 
Matthew 2:15 
would have been a 
less messy spot.

But Herod killing all those 
children happened.
People during those times needed
to see prophesy fulfilled.
We have a *history* book they 
didn't have.
And we need to be reminded that
our salvation came at a price.

It was a priced paid by many through out
history but the ultimate
price was paid by God and by Jesus.

God sacrificed His
baby boy. 
Jesus endured 
death on the cross.

Lory's right, 
not everybody will have a 
Merry Christmas.

I wonder how merry
first Christmas was.
He knew where this story was going.

But, then again, 
He knows the big picture.

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