Sunday, December 2, 2012

Same Thing, Different Perspective

Sometimes it's good to see things through
new eyes.
When decorating for the holidays 
do you find everything has it's place?

The tree has it's designated corner.
The stockings go here,
and the Santa tree ALWAYS goes here.

Well, I shook things up a bit this year. 
The tree is still in it's corner.
The stockings however are lining the back of the couch.
And shocking!
The Santa tree did NOT go up this year.

But you want to know the biggest surprise for me?
While I chose a different location for the
creche, shocking!, 
I had Shanna arrange the pieces.
And while it is still in the dining room,
I did change the piece of furniture it sits on.
But what is truly amazing is
Shanna's positioning of the pieces.
Joseph and Mary are in the manger.
Jesus is tucked away safely in a drawer till
 Christmas day.
But the young shepherd who should be
crouched down waiting
in front of the manger to worship
The Christ Child?
And the cow who should be lazying in the manger?

Check it out!
The cow is out in the field and the shepherd
is petting it!

Makes perfect sense!
Who knew!!??

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