Friday, December 14, 2012

Full Circle

Matthew 2:19-20
Herod dies. 
(Paid mourners only)

Joseph dreams.
(I wish I had dreams with such clarity.  
Mine make only sense while sleeping,
Are odd at waking,
And baffling to try to explain.)

Joseph follows his dreams -
Mary had to be ecstatic!
A young girl of 15 or so whose first born,
a child of whispered parentage,
comes into the world
with a carpenter for a 'midwife'.

She had probably never left Nazareth before,
and now she has a stamp on the passport
for herself and her child!
Jesus has never met his grandparents!

And those were the easy years!
The next time rulers took aim at her Son,
she would be forced to watch Him die.

Sometimes I think a clear message from God would be outstanding!
But it seems those who receive such direct Words
are also called to major sacrifice.

Thank you, God, for Mary and Joseph!
You (of course) chose well!

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  1. I fully intend, Lory, to go through all your and Merry's verses and blogs over the weekend - I want to catch up and follow along! What beautiful words of insight you add to this timeless tale of beauty that doesn't enough consume our Christmas celebrations... thanks! - Holly